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Hide files and folders by using a simple keyboard shortcut (Hotkey)!!

Supreme Folder Hider is file hiding software that prevents anyone who uses your computer from viewing your folders, or more importantly, the files inside. Featuring a stealth mode, Supreme Folder Hider gives you the ability to quickly hide files and folders by using hotkeys. Upon hiding a folder within the easy to use software interface of Supreme Folder Hider, the folders are removed from Windows Explorer entirely. This means that your files and folders cannot be clicked on, nor even seen. Windows shortcuts and even recent documents won't be available for anyone to see. Within the folder security software, you can add as many folders as you want for quick hiding.  Supreme Folder Hider not only will hide folders, but will prevent all file access, even from the command prompt.

Instead of password protecting folders, the file hiding software makes the folders completely invisible.

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Requirements: Win 9x/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7

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With Supreme Folder Hider you can...
  • Hide files and folders and other important information
  • Prevent all file access - Folders are removed from Windows Explorer entirely
  • Hide pictures, hide data, hide work with a click!
  • Be the only one to access your hidden files or folders
  • Make sure that files within folders can't be accessed from anywhere, including the command prompt
  • Files will not show up during searches
  • Files can't be accessed from shortcuts and recent document lists
  • Run at Windows startup
  • Run in stealth mode which doesn't allow it to show up
  • Use Hotkeys for hiding all folders
  • Use Hotkeys for showing all folders
  • Password protect files with hotkeys
  • Password protect files upon programs start
  • Add any number of folders may be added for quick hiding
  • More Features


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